PT TKM Biofuel Indonesia


TKM Development Inc. originally established as TKM Holdings LLC started as a private company for the CEO to operate as a real estate investment vehicle back in 2013. Amid the booming economy just after a year since the start of Prime Minister Abe’s Economic Policy, the company began to successfully realize gains on several real estate projects in the central Tokyo.

Subsequently the company began its expansion into renewable energy sector spurred by the feed-in-tariff system launched in the country at the time and coupled with the generous tax incentives offered at the time, the company successfully sold those developed photovoltaic plants the size of which ranged between 750kW to 2600kW, mainly to the owners of publicly listed companies in the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and also to other notable institutional investors.

By 2016 the company has grown in size with gross revenue in excess of 28 MM USD with generous gross margin in excess of 14 MM USD. The company is currently capitalized at more than 20 MM USD at its book value and is well in excess of 200 MM USD in terms of market cap assuming a comparable industry multiple.

Today the company continues to invest into renewable energy sector but shifting away from already wide-spread photovoltaic sector but focusing on underdeveloped biomass power generation sector. While a long-term stable supply of biofuel remains a key factor, the company began studying several options including an option to import biofuels from suppliers abroad to an option of growing its own energy crops and converting them into biofuel. Even though it was the most difficult option to choose amongst several others the company concluded that this will be the most stable, reliable and efficient solution in the long run.

After travelling to and investigating several potential countries in ASEAN in search for the availability of arable land the company eventually decided that Indonesia is a place to invest. Inspired by one of CEO’s acquaintances the company has made its determination to make Indonesia the “Middle East of Biofuel”, eventually replacing fossil fuels for energy and plastics needs of today.

In June 2020, the company successfully established its subsidiary, PT. TKM Biofuel Indonesia headquartered at Sampoerna Strategic Square in South Jakarta. The company is in an aggressive pursuit of land acquisition for energy crops plantation with an ultimate objective of producing environmentally friendly biofuel to be used worldwide.

The company continues its endeavor for mass distribution of biomass products including biofuels and bioplastics which is the ultimate objective the company seeks to achieve over the decades to come.